"When people call music original, they often mean new lyrics, but commonplace rhythms and chords. Original jazz explores the musical language itself."

Chris "Breathe" Frue

Saxes, Flute, Guitar


Hi, Welcome to my music website. My music is personal; I play songs I heard as a kid, tunes off the radio, and original numbers that come from my imagination. I play jazz--that means the music is created, improvised in the moment. It is never the same twice.

Jazz is rich in chords, rythms, and melody, and because so much of it is made up on the spot, it is like a conversation; between us musicians, and between me and you. I hope you enjoy the freedom and celebration of life that is my music!

This tune is a cool blues featuring one version of my quartet. It's called "Sandu".

Here's a recording I made in my studio that I perform all the instruments on. It is written for my partner Pema and is called "Pema's Song".

This version of "Smoke gets in your eyes" is a mellow guitar piece with a somewhat unusual tone.